We rely on YOU

Establishing thePOOSH.org as a globally focused not-for-profit organisation indicates that we’re not for making money, but rather for encouraging and informing people about sustainable building. Our NGO status permits YOU (thePOOSH.org POOSHers and supporters) to achieve one of the most basic requirements in life in an affordable manner and without the excessive use of resources.

Help us be successful with our 2016 Fundraising Campaign - goal $6,000.  Check our blog for current updates.


The POOSH.org depends on your donations.  

We currently receive no financial support from governemental bodies, foundations, or other NGOs.Utopia


Where does my donation go?

The impact of your donation will futher our vision, as well as putting giant smiles on thePOOSH.org teams faces! Giving to thePOOSH.org is directly giving to this idea.  We make a promise that we will use these funds in the most responsible way possible. This means doing things as economically as possible while still retaining quality and our goals of sustainability.


1 Product development: Increasing the functionality of the website -- whether that be improving layout and design, ease of use,  or increasing the ways that you can interact with other members! 

2 Marketing and promotion: Exposing thePOOSH.org’s vision to a larger audience and thus initiating thePOOSH.org’s shared mission with new markets.  

3 Operational costs: To amend our current status from dedicated volunteers to dedicated employees. While we have started this project by putting in countless hours of volunteer work, we will eventually need to support ourselves to continue to help you support your self!


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