ben smit's Help us to start a food forest and permaculture garden in Lemiers, Netherlands

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Build Project Description

This is Astrid she is midwife. Are you looking for a (last minute) short stay or a place for a couple of weeks at a place in te South of Holland border of Germany with a permaculture garden small food forrest Please explain what is your experience (before) with volunteering.... Or kind of skills you like to learn or exchange We had our first volunteer s last month and loved it! There are 1-3 bicycle s. Weekends free, sometimes we are hiking 2gether in the surroundings! The place is simular to a nomad base it is a place where volunteers (travellers can call home for a non-fixed amount of time. -have communal living space where they come to (and leave) whenever and as often as they want. -it is a place where they are not guests, but community mates, no matter how long they stay. With the difference that the people who come stay aren’t just tourists who plan on visiting the city for the weekend, but instead become part of our house for as long as they determine is right for them.

Structure of My Build Project

Individual Builder (ie: Personal Home or Structure)

Building Styles Integrated

Straw Bale
Adobe/Mud Bricks
Recycled Materials
Local Materials
Timber Framing
Earthen Floor

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Rain Water Collection
Cob Oven
Composting Toilets
Grey-water re-use system
Natural Furniture building

What to Expect about Food

We will provide the food

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Current Building Status


Type of Build Project


Projected Start and End Dates

1 Nov 2016 to 1 Nov 2017

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Type of Volunteer Being Looked for

There is help needed also in the house (renovating) and around any help is welcome and much appreciated. You help around pretty relaxed 3,5 -5 hours can Choose how many days you like to do. with one other volunteer, the host works 4 days a week The garden work can be physical, volunteers can decide 2gether what is the best job task for you

Where you will be Sleeping

No heating at the volunteer places

The Number of POOSHers Desired

3 POOSHers


Righa Patang's picture

Dear Astrid,
My friend and i are looking for places to do some voluntering work. We are looking for COB/Strawbale/Eco housing building, to get some practical experience. Helping out with the food forest is also one of our aims but if we can combine both, building some hours en helping in the food forest less hours would be suitable for us. We have helped out in Portugal, at Pure portugal for 1 month, digging swales, helping with eco workshops, cooking for 15 persons. 
If you have any questions please let us know.
Thank you,
Greetings groetjes,
Righa en Willem