Ellen Scrim's Roundwood timber frame eco hut

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Build Project Description

We're building a 2.5 x 3m roundwood timber frame hut on a primary school allotment. The walls will be of recycled materials and bottle cob. This is a project for the local school and we'll be working on it about once a week.

Structure of My Build Project

Non-Profit Organisation

Building Styles Integrated

Recycled Materials
Local Materials
Round Wood

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Natural Furniture building

Build Project Facilities

There are no facilities on site unfortunately. Please bring a bottle of water to drink.

Activities near the Build Project

This is a London allotment so there is plenty to do in the rest of London!

What to Expect about Food

You should bring/cook your own food
Everyone can bring lunch and share. We will make tea in the storm kettle.

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Current Building Status


Type of Build Project

New Structure

Projected Start and End Dates

1 May 2015 to 1 Jan 2017

Previous Building Experience

Five days sustainable materials at Centre for Alternative Technology (part of sustainable building MSc course) A year working at Meadow Orchard Community Project - a round cob and straw bale structure.

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Type of Volunteer Being Looked for

We would appreciate help from anyone interested in learning more about roundwood timber frames, or who already has experience in roundwood timber frames (Ben Law style).

Where you will be Sleeping

No sleeping facilities can be provided. We'll be working on site just once a week.

The Number of POOSHers Desired

10 POOSHers


David Gaffney's picture


I'm really interested in joining this project, When do you meet?
Dante Villa's picture

Sabrina Henry's picture

Hi there
Would love to help - when do you start?
Robert Cullen's picture

Hi Ellen,
I live quite close, and would really like to help out. Which day do you work on the hut?
All the best,
Ruby Sleigh's picture

Hi Ellen,
This looks like a fantastic project and would love to help out!
I am lucky to work in a fairly flexible practice so would be able to offer one day a week on site to help.
Please get in touch if there is anything I can do!
Hope to hear soon,
Polly Westlake's picture

I'd love to get more info about how to help this build. It sounds perfect - just what I'm looking for to slowly start convincing my husband that we should build an eco house…..
I am a historic buildings conservator and have some experience of mud plaster
Please let me know!!

Ellen Scrim's picture

Hi Polly
Thanks for your interest! 
We are having volunteer days about once or twice a week. Currently working on little cob wall sections, hazel roofing trim, oak shingles, and will be soon starting on cordwood floor. I don't know if you live in London but normally people just come along on a volunteer day and see if they enjoy it. If you text me your e-mail address I will send you forthcoming dates plus how to get there etc! Best wishes, Ellen 07932 441 996

Robert Leone's picture

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