Jamie Manza's Sister Sauna

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Build Project Description

A beautiful, forested site with river frontage in the famous Rondout Valley. Maple, hemlock, oak, tulip, beech, birch, cedar, etc cover 90% of the diverse terrain. Lots of stone to work with as well. There is electricity, filtered well water, a hot outdoor shower and handmade outhouse with sunset views. 4 miles from cafes and a food coop in High Falls. Kingston and New Paltz are both about 15-20 minutes away. Lots of conscious and progressive folks, organic farms, and artists in the town and vicinity!.

Structure of My Build Project

Individual Builder (ie: Personal Home or Structure)

Building Styles Integrated

Straw Bale
Local Materials
Round Wood
Earthen Floor
Hand tools only...

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Rain Water Collection
Heating system
Natural Furniture building
Natual lighting
Dry sauna, heated with a wood stove

Build Project Facilities

Tent platforms, electricity, filtered running well water, wifi, half a sauna, hot outdoor shower, a woven outhouse with sunset view. 1800' of river frontage

Activities near the Build Project

So many in high falls, rosendale, both 10 minutes away. The best rock climbing on the east coast is a few miles away. Hiking and river sports nearby. wine country-Shawangunk Wine Trail. Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a bike ride away. Cold caves and caverns. Hang gliding. This might be the best place to be. NYC is 1.5-2 hours away, with a regular bus from Rosendale.

What to Expect about Food

We will provide the food

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Current Building Status


Type of Build Project

New Structure

Projected Start and End Dates

1 May 2015 to 1 Oct 2015

Previous Building Experience

I learned to make cob, cob adobes, arches, window installation, bale cob, roof systems, plaster, earthen floors, wattle and daub, stone work, site work, drainage, foundations, and probably more. I love working with these natural materials.

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Type of Volunteer Being Looked for

Enthusiastic, positive, kind-hearted, motivated. Folks who like to camp and enjoy being outside. Liking dogs is necessary around here, too.

Where you will be Sleeping

Foresty! I sleep under a tarp 50' from the creek. There are some tent platforms and tents, hammocks.

How much Notice Needed Prior to Hosting

2 days

The Number of POOSHers Desired

2 POOSHers


daniel stupple's picture

hey my name is dan... i actually live near by in Olivebridge. i know your timeframe for construction is over, but i was hoping maybe i could stop on by one day and check out what you have going on there. 
Anna Kleiner's picture

Hey your project sounds fantastic! Shame it's at the other end of the world :-) keep rockin'!
Octavius Abbott's picture

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