Laura Marecheau's HyperAdobe Earth Bag Round House

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Build Project Description

SUMMER PROJECT 2016 : BUILD EARTH ROUND HOUSE _____________________________________________________________ We are looking for a team of hardworking volunteers to work and learn while participating in the building of an EarthBag Round House at our Mountainside location. This project will begin July 1st 2016 and will require a 6 - 8 week time commitment. When you are finished you will have developed most of the necessary skills to build your own Earth Bag dwelling. Jason and Laura will share their natural building experience with like-minded volunteers. This is a great opportunity to experience rural life in the Caribbean while learning natural building skills. The team is expected to work 5-6 days a week for the duration of the project. And - toward the end of the project we will celebrate Grenada's Carnival - an amazing island wide party. We have limited spaces available. Please send us an email telling us a little bit about yourself and your building experience too.

Structure of My Build Project

Individual Builder (ie: Personal Home or Structure)

Building Styles Integrated

Recycled Materials
Local Materials
Earthen Floor
glass bottle shower / bamboo finishing

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Solar Power
Rain Water Collection
Hot Tub
Indoor plumbing
Passive Solar Hot Water
Natural Furniture building
Possibly a partial living roof

Build Project Facilities

You will be housed in the cottages at our seaside property Garden of Eden B&B. It is a truly spectacular location, adjacent to a secluded beach. To get a better idea of our location see our page on Airbnb -

Activities near the Build Project

We are 2 miles from the main road and bus route. Most of the tourist action in on the other side of the island, but Grenada is small so it is just 1/2 hour on the bus to the capital St. Georges and the famous Grand Anse Beach. ... a tropical paradise. And the locale will take your breath away as it does ours every day. Amazing rain forests and waterfalls, deserted beaches, seaside and mountain hiking, ocean kayaking - lots of adventure at your doorstep. Get to know the locals, play dominoes in the rum shop or help bring in the days catch. If this sounds like the kind of experience you are looking for and you are willing to work hard with us - we'd love to talk to you.

What to Expect about Food

We will provide the food
2 Meals a day will be provided. Breakfast - before work commences Lunch - during the work day

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Current Building Status

Planning and Preparation

Type of Build Project

New Structure

Projected Start and End Dates

1 Jul 2016 to 15 Aug 2016

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Type of Volunteer Being Looked for

We are looking for a team of hardworking volunteers to participate in the building of an Earth Bag Round House. If you have any experience with this style of building - great. Can you please describe any of your building experience, work in construction and tools of the trade. We require independent, mature, responsible, hard-working individuals with a sense of adventure and humour. You will be a part of a 6-8 member team, with shared responsibilities.

Where you will be Sleeping

The seaside cottages will be shared accommodation. Most are equipped with comfy king size beds and indoor toilets. Although no running water or electricity is available in the cottages. We collect rain/well water in drums adjacent to your cottage. Electricity is available in the Main House.

Maximum Time a Volunteer can Stay

56 days

Minimum Time a Volunteer can Stay

42 days

How much Notice Needed Prior to Hosting

1 days

The Number of POOSHers Desired

3 POOSHers


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