Michael Beck's Traditional log cabin in the Appalachian style!

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Build Project Description

A group of us bought 62 acres 9 miles south of Berea, KY last summer. We are currently working on building a log cabin as a community building which we will all live in until personal houses are built. It will continue to be used as the communal space with the bedrooms opening up to guests once we move out. It will have a decent sized kitchen and living area with 3 bedrooms and a loft space. We decided to build a log cabin because of the abundance of trees on the land and the need to also thin out the forest a bit to improve health. We have built a dry-stacked stone foundation with limestone from the land. Join us to build our first structure. It looks like it will be part log cabin, part cob/stone/wood with a built-on greenhouse/glass solarium. We are open to anyone visiting as long as we get a good feeling from you and have good communication. If we all get along and flow well within the group, we are open to people living on this land permanently with us!! UPDATE: NOVEMBER 2017 - Walls are done! Winter -- work as much as weather allows to get a roof on.

Structure of My Build Project

Individual Builder (ie: Personal Home or Structure)

Building Styles Integrated

Local Materials
Round Wood
Timber Framing
Earthen Floor
log cabin

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Solar Power
Rain Water Collection
Wind Power
Cob Oven
Composting Toilets
Grey-water re-use system
Rocket Stove
Natural Furniture building

Build Project Facilities

A temporary kitchen. Very "rootsman" as we like to say.

Activities near the Build Project

Lots of hiking, swimming, etc.

What to Expect about Food

Shared Costs
We cook on rocket stoves and it takes patience -- bring food or we can go shopping/harvesting from the gardens together!

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Current Building Status


Type of Build Project

New Structure

Projected Start and End Dates

4 Mar 2016 to 30 Dec 2018

Previous Building Experience

We are co-founders of thePOOSH and have had only great experiences in building and hosting!

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Type of Volunteer Being Looked for

Positive, open-minded, patient, hard-working, enthusiastic!

Where you will be Sleeping

Bring your own tent or sleep in a cave~!

How much Notice Needed Prior to Hosting

2 days

The Number of POOSHers Desired

4 POOSHers


Jaime Herrick's picture

I am interested. Phone number 269-3398288. Email jhrrck1988@gmail.com
April Leasa's picture

Hello there. I'm interested in alternative sustainable building/living. My boyfriend, Charlie and I are coming down to Kentucky from Pennsylvania sometime in July to look at land and do some sight seeing. Also to visit some some Cob sites. While we're there I would like to stop in for a visit at your place and maybe pick your brain a bit. Meetup with like minded people. Would that be ok? If this sounds good I'll send you a date as soon as we get this thing organized to see if the date would be ok as well?
Michael Beck's picture

Hey April, this sounds good!

We'll be there -- it's an exciting time to come build, we might have a little group of people building at that time! :)

Michael Beck's picture

Annnd, you'll be the 3rd April in our little valley....hm, what's that about?

April Leasa's picture

Ok. Awesome! I can't wait to meet up! Three April's? Wow! That's interesting. I may only meet three April's in a year or two. Haha. 
Michael Beck's picture


If you don't get ahold of us before you arrive, just follow thePOOSH map -- we don't have cell reception or electricity so we are unable to get a hold of! Bru ha ha.

See you soon.

Jack Nelson's picture

Sunday, December 04, 2016.  Jacksonville, Florida.  I am interested!  My wife, Jesselmae and I would love to be part of this.  I can easily get a reciprocal insurance license in Kentucky if we make the move.  I have construction experience.  How large of a group is it?  How much land out of the 62 acres do you want to clear for permaculture versus leave forested?  Are you in northern Indiana meanwhile or are you at the Kentucky property working through the winter?  Please contact me.  Here is my phone number and e-mail: (904) 343-9639 / usna1one@gmail.com .  Jack Nelson
Daniel Garcia's picture

Hey! I'll be in the area sport climbing all of October but would love to spend some time helping with the build and learning as much as possible. If it's a good situation I may be willing to stick around all winter/ as long as the build goes for and spend big chunks of time there building and learning. I have a super well behaved low energy dog so as long as she's also welcome I'd really love to come check out what you all are doing! Let me know how to get in touch, I'll be in the area the first week of October.
Daniel Garcia's picture

Just realized how old this project is, anything still going on there?
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