Paule Zlöwinger's Commoanity Farm Revival!

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Build Project Description

After the MUD & MOA CREATION DAYS in August 2015 (photos on ) we'll mostly work on the strawbale insulation of the lil houses roof in 2016 (in summer we ll be out to visit Lauren's Stone Hive in France with some a di Mud-Moactivists from Summer 2015 - come join there too!) Old structures (one barn bears 1868 in it..) get up to date installations (heating, solar-thermal-collectors, straw and reed insulation, clay-plastering, natural-wooden-porch..) all done slowlee day by day hand to hand ;) in lovley bit far off area in Austria (Waldviertel) close to a lake and lots of forest around :)

Structure of My Build Project

Individual Builder (ie: Personal Home or Structure)

Building Styles Integrated

Rammed Earth
Straw Bale
Adobe/Mud Bricks
Local Materials
Round Wood

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Solar Power
Composting Toilets

Build Project Facilities

warm water in the making ;) for now a pot on the stove provides that.. but as soon as the floor is in, on top of the new cellar for the heat storage, we'll start building the new oven to provide warm water!

What to Expect about Food

We will provide the food
it would be luvley -if at was of your interest too- if you took part not only in building, but also in harvesting, what garden and orchard provide. what else there is in daily needs we can shop together (if you needed transportation/busses there are too..), or have a day eg. in Krems.

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Current Building Status


Type of Build Project


Projected Start and End Dates

5 Mar 2016 to 30 Jul 2016

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Where you will be Sleeping

space there is, for tents if you like, but there is mattresses as well in the attics. A Teepee that sometimes rests in the barn for being put up again ;) and the great Outdoors for your sleeping bag giving you the greatest star-set ceiling of em all :)

How much Notice Needed Prior to Hosting

7 days

The Number of POOSHers Desired

4 POOSHers


Bram Kriekels's picture

Hey guys. I love your project. 
F you still need help and stil have room for volunteers, i would love to help your project !
The only problem is that i'm currently not available but i will be free early August till the second week of September.

If you have room and need a hand, feel free to send me a message.

Paule Zlöwinger's picture

Hu - so > somehow we didnt make it that you where in last summer >> if you re around again >>> let us know - come by, join in : ) happy workarees! paule n da crewhu!
smelsworst's picture

hey guys, not sure where you're up to with this project, but I'm happy to come lend a hand if you need it. would be interested in doing a weekend or a week, anytime after May - doesn't matter whether it's prepping the site or doing the build, or a bit of both. let me know if you think I could help.

Paule Zlöwinger's picture

Benjamin! what about your weekend-workout? still in, up n about? This summer a whole bunch a people is gonna join in from Germany to our 'MUD&MOA Creation Days' preparation welcome and needed too though.. - we're all gone in February, but back on in March.. Welcome!
Anna Lattorf's picture

hi i am a cabinet maker / joner  and i am realy interested to bild on your projekt. I don't have so much experiense in building houses, but in renovatin and i am a good hand worker with good skills :) Please contact me if you still need somebody, i am redy :) I living in Cologne/ Germany.

Love & Light
Paule Zlöwinger's picture

Hula Anna!!! dich/deine Nachricht gerade erst entdeckt >> und das wo Carmen letzte Woche in Kölln am Wagenplatz war - for potential mutual exchange.. > ja > wir brauchen Dich :) sind im Februar per Bus in Marokko aber ab März wieder zurück am Werken >> wunderschön für dich als Zimmerin wärs glaub ich gemeinsam an einer Veranda zu bauen für die ich grad Bäume schäl - fänd ich schön da gemeinsam überlegt und bedacht zu werken - bevor im Sommer mitte August zu den 'MUD & MOA Creation Days' der ganz Haufen kommt und wir grob wild und gewaltig werken (Dachstuhl mit Stroh dämmen etc.) what about? wo bist du dran? wann passts für dich? (aktuell wird der Hof nur wochenends bespielt, ab Mai ALLDAYYYYYs) - Deine Pläne? lg p n moa ;)
Chenelle Rodrigues's picture


I would be interested in this project! Already have hand-on experience with cob repairs, sun-dried brick making, have taken workshops in straw bale building, and clay and lime plastering. Have also just completed my degree in architectural conservation with a dissertation on cob building. Will be happy to put my experiences in practice and help on this project :)
Michael Beck's picture

Hey Paul, could you update your Projected Start and End Dates please? Thank you!

Paule Zlöwinger's picture

hiya ;) tell the building entities;) postponed attical enhancements for 4 months now > will work on the roof the coming weekends now, as we re finally allowed to ;) yiha! but i can put in a winter-break, as we re perhaps meant to have one ;) (if the chimney's not up before its freezing, else more clayplaaaaster..) > in may though the summerpeople will be back for strawinsulation >> thats why i changed the enddate.. will try to seem more focused though and project-style, other than actual lifelong sentence to woodby build ;)
Jasmine Raeth's picture

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umar khan's picture

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Tias Covil's picture

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Collie wade's picture

I would be occupied with this venture! As of now have hand-on involvement with cob repairs, sun-dried block making, have taken workshops in straw bunch building, and earth and lime putting. Have additionally recently finished my degree in design preservation with on cob building. Will be glad to put my encounters practically speaking and help on this venture.
Neil Jakson's picture

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Paule Zlöwinger's picture


Charlotte Berry's picture

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