Scott Gerrard's Stone Tower

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Individual Builder (ie: Personal Home or Structure)

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Local Materials
concrete/ steel

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Rain Water Collection
Grey-water re-use system
Built a stone shed, need a stone tank stand

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We will provide the food

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15 Oct 2012 to 15 Mar 2018

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1 days

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6 POOSHers


Matty Fresh's picture

Matty Fresh's picture

Are you still building?
Scott Gerrard's picture

It's a little taller now, but still going. Just don't get the time, work is getting out of control!
Kassie DeMarsh's picture

Im interested in coming to help out soon! Do you have any building going on?
charmaine jones's picture

Hi! Are you still working on this? 

Scott Gerrard's picture

Well and truly under construction with a big push to finish the shed and reach 2 meters on the tower by the end of October 2015.
Scott Gerrard's picture

Michael Beck's picture

Scott, could you update your project dates please? Thanks!

Jo Spangaro's picture

interested in learning to lay stone and round tower... still at that stage? 
Scott Gerrard's picture

Yes still building. I only work on this project when there is nothing else to do. Currently finishing of the stone shed in my profile picture so I can have quality accommodation available. Building round things is as easy as using a piece of string off a center point.
Adrienne Wimbush's picture

Gudday Scott,
  I'm in Ipswich, would love to come out and visit one day - love stone buildings, grew up in one!

Scott Gerrard's picture

No worries. I will send you a pm with more information.
Scott Gerrard's picture

It's slowly getting taller, really hitting it hard over the Christmas/ new year break now that the stone shed is all but complete. Got a huge day on the cement mixer tomorrow filling the cores again. I can only take the shell up about 400 mm at a time then fill. Will also be fitting the scaffold socket tubes, at 1800 mm it's getting a little harder getting the concrete up there! Will update photos tomorrow. 
Scott Gerrard's picture

Well it's just about done now, hope to start the arches in the next few days. It's a lot bigger now. 
Scott Gerrard's picture

Scott Gerrard's picture

Thanks Joana. I don't know of, have or support directv family package or Steve's Catalina hotel
Scott Gerrard's picture

Been awhile but it's good to see the "ad posts" are gone. Might show a bit more interest here again.


Scott Gerrard's picture