Tinece Holman's Cob Collective Community

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Build Project Description

Building a series of 12X12 cob structures to serve as temporary shelter and educational center for people in poverty and the homeless. All workshops are open to the public. Pooshers may attend workshops as full work-study participants free of charge.

Structure of My Build Project

Eco Village

Building Styles Integrated

Round Wood

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Solar Power
Rain Water Collection
Composting Toilets
Natural Furniture building

Build Project Facilities

Camping Space Only

Activities near the Build Project


What to Expect about Food

Shared Costs
We will provide some organic vegetables.

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Current Building Status


Type of Build Project

New Structure

Projected Start and End Dates

27 Mar 2014 to 27 Mar 2015

Previous Building Experience

I enjoyed building with cob very much. I have made it the prime focus in my life.

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Type of Volunteer Being Looked for

People that are interested in the community and sustainability. All walks of life.

Where you will be Sleeping

camping with places to charge phones

How much Notice Needed Prior to Hosting

7 days

The Number of POOSHers Desired

50 POOSHers


Kim Schaefer's picture

Hello, I have 2 weeks off from work starting June 24. What is the cost for this project? My husband and me would like to come out and help.
Tinece Holman's picture

We would love to have you
please email us at cobcollective@gmail.com also visit our site at www.viyc.org and like our facebook.com/cobcollective to keep current

Jamie Cline's picture

Hi Tinece!

I was super excited to find this website, and even more excited to see projects going on in NC!! I live in Charlotte, NC and would love to be involved in any way possible-- I will email you!!

Amy Littlepage's picture

Hi Tinece! 

I'd like to come out and help with your project. I'm a beginner but very eager to learn about all types of natural building methods.
 It's such a great idea to help the homeless and I'd love to be part of it.  email: zayasema405@gmail.com


Tias Covil's picture

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