FAQs-Site Wide

Yes! However, there must not be a charge for participating. ThePOOSH.org's principal is that skills can and should be, shared between all community members- regardless of their financial situation. Host build projects must not directly gain financially from any profiles they list on thePOOSH.org. E.g. POOSHers must not be asked to contribute money to a build project. Food contributions are up to the build projects discretion.

The name POOSH was chosen for two reasons, a fun word that sounds like push and an acronym for 'People's Organization on Sustainable Housing.' Eventually it was discussed the fact that our organization is not limited to housing but for all sustainable construction. We then divorced the acronym but kept the name POOSH. Now, after a lot of confused people we reverted and call ourselves the 'People's Organization on Sustainable Housing' once again. 

ThePOOSH.org was the shared brain-child of Eric Puro and James Self when James and Maarja met and were hosted by Eric, Michael Beck and Loren Heacock through Couchsurfing.org at their earthship build in Oregon, USA in October 2011. Struggling to find volunteers to assist with the build, it soon became evident that another system was needed. Thus, thePOOSH.org concept was created! Working together as a five-strong team, thePOOSH.org was launched August 2012 in the United Kingdom with the aid of a European Union Youth Inintative Grant and now seeks to develop its member base on a global scale. Check out Our Story for further information!

ThePOOSH.org relies on donations and grants. These can be in the form of government funding, foundation donations or from private member donations for using thePOOSH.org services. Please consider donating at our donate page.

ThePOOSH.org is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Estonia. Therefore, thePOOSH.org is a non-profit organisation!

It is nearly impossible to create no negative impact on the environment if you function as a part of society. Our environment is altered by what we eat, how we travel, where we live, the activities that we choose to do, etc. While thePOOSH.org realizes that nobody is perfect, a change of mindset is the first step towards becoming sustainable and curbing climate change. 

At thePOOSH.org, we strive to improve our impact on the environment by continually asking ourselves one question; how is our home, Planet Earth, effected by our actions and how can I improve them? If everyone does their part, we can all come together to make our lifestyles more sustainable!

To inspire people to build economical, sustainable and community-created structures by empowering an international network of skilled and unskilled volunteers.

That one day, community-driven sustainable construction will simply be known as construction!