Eric Puro's Cooperativa Yoga Studio/Community Center

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Build Project Description

Three people from thePOOSH team, Loren, Michael and I, are building a yoga studio/community center for the Co-operativa! The co-operativa is a wonderful place that holds a number of workshops and classes on permaculture, yoga, and other fun activities. It is also a co-op with a small store selling local organic food...some of the produce is grown by them. The structure is a round structure with rammed tire walls -- 6 meter diameter. We have cobbed the interior and exterior walls. We went to a nearby forest to collect wood beams for the roof, which are half-thatched. We are putting in a clay earthen floor. We have utilized the Opuntia cactus which grows here in Portugal, after soaking the cactus in water for a couple weeks, you can extract the insides which can be mixed in plasters or an earthen floor that helps with waterproofing. The roof is up and standing tall! Thatch is on it's third layer but it turns out we didn't collect enough so we are putting the project on pause until winter when we can collect more caniso (water reed!). This will be a huge mission, more people the better, so if you want to learn how to thatch from scratch this winter, get ahold of us!

Structure of My Build Project

Non-Profit Organisation

Building Styles Integrated

Earthship/used tires
Recycled Materials
Local Materials
Round Wood
Opuntia cactus
Bamboo sliding doors
Home-made pine tar resin
The cactus is being used as a plaster to help water proof the cob mixture. It´s an amazing alternative to using limestone (cal) with local materials. One of the coolest things we've done for this project is extract our own pine tar resin from locally-sourced fallen or dead pine tree roots. We then apply it to ropes to make them last longer against bugs and water. Additionally, the resin can be used as a water-proof sealant around windows.

Sustainable Systems Integrated

Rain Water Collection
French drain

Build Project Facilities

There's a small house with a kitchen although we do some of the cooking over the fire or cob oven. There's a compost toilet and a warm shower.

Activities near the Build Project

We are 1 km from the beach. There's some nice hiking around the area as well. This place is paradise!

What to Expect about Food

Shared Costs
There is a market with free fish near by as well as some great places to recycle food. We are also selling some chaga mushroom tea to raise funds for food for volunteers. So please contact us if you would need food covered and hopefully we can respond with a yes!

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Current Building Status

Build Project Completed

Type of Build Project

New Structure

Projected Start and End Dates

30 Mar 2013 to 1 Mar 2014

Previous Building Experience

We built a similar styled structure in Oregon which we lived in over the winter. There's a lot of things we want to do differently this time, especially not using any concrete. There was on average 2-3 people working and the project took about 3-4 months.

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Type of Volunteer Being Looked for

Anyone who is excited about building, and wants to learn about new materials. The ideal volunteer would be interested in really championing a project/material/technique. We know some about different techniques, but we push each other to always learn more. Our philosophy is to never get comfortable doing anything! This forces you to always adapt, change, and learn more things!

Where you will be Sleeping

Tents or a sharred sleeping room!

How much Notice Needed Prior to Hosting

2 days

The Number of POOSHers Desired

3 POOSHers


Eric Puro's picture

Dont forget Freddy the hedgehog will be there as well!

Rui Assuncão's picture

Been there the past weekend. The walls are up and things look pretty good. Wish i could had been more helpful. Eric is such an enthusiastic fellow, am sure he'll have plenty hands on to help him out.
Marenn Sagar's picture

Hola! :)
Heya Eric so after talking to you this afternoon and contemplating I've decided I would really love to come and stay and help out for at least some days! 
What would be ideal for you?
Wren - (blonde Freddie's ;)
Marenn Sagar's picture

Dreddies** Im planning on coming on Saturday - and staying for maybe say 3 or so days if thats cool? :)
Eric Puro's picture

perfect!  See you soon Marenn!

Luis Wandschneider's picture


Sou do Porto, e neste momento estou à procura de espaços que precisem de ajuda para a construçao mais sustentavel de estruturas / quartos /casas...
Precisam de alguem nestes próximos tempos?



I'm from Porto, and now i'm looking for someone o need help to build in a sustainble way some structure, house, rooms ...
Do you need some help in these next days?

Thank you!
Loren Heacock's picture

Hello, I'll talk to the others. We've been on pause for a few months. Probably in December we're going to finish the thatched roof if you'd like to join. It's a great way to make a roof out of natural materials. We're going to go on a water reed harvest mission probably in December and put it on the roof when we're done.

Elaine O'Sullivan's picture

Hello, are you still working on this? I'd love to help out but won't be free until the 13th/14th Jan. at the earliest! Keen to do more hands-on ecological building. No point reading about it any more. I've built a couple of cob ovens and have done a little experimenting on different earthen plasters, lime, straw, rammed earth, timber and cob building (very small scale). Willing to help out anywhere you need. Looking to learn. Let me know.

Antoine Regnault Maulm's picture

Hello! I'm going to Lisbon next Monday, and i would like to participate for 1 or two weeks, would it be possible? I already work few times for little constructions in somes building association (cobe, wood, ...) would be awesome to learn more how to build + i love work.
Eric Puro's picture

Atoine we are actually finished with this building.  But the farm we built the yoga studio at is still up and running.  They take volunteers and have loads of great things going on - contact them via their website or you could probably just show up there.  Much love and have fun!!

Eric Puro's picture

Atoine we are actually finished with this building.  But the farm we built the yoga studio at is still up and running.  They take volunteers and have loads of great things going on - contact them via their website or you could probably just show up there.  Much love and have fun!!

Anna John's picture is a good interactive community. I loved this blog not only for Hostsailor its mission but also for the representation. It's so refreshing each time I visit this site. It is a great platform to connect self-builders with a network of people. This article by Eric Puro is really impressive. Yoga is very good for health, it provides both instant gratification and lasting transformation.