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I am currently an Art Foundation student at Arts University Bournemouth, hoping to go on and study Architecture. I think practically participating in a project is the vital component in understanding new processes, the buildings and expand insights on how this can all affect someones living! I am particularly interested in sustainable design and I and would be keen to explore and get stuck into any sustainable projects to enhance my knowledge and skills and work hands on with any materials. I hope one day I can design, build, renovate and realise many projects that will enhance peoples lives, remain relevant to our environmental changes and look great.

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Why I Build Sustainably

I think as well as taking an interest in the future of the planet, sustainable design makes people feel good, reduces our ever increasing energy use and provokes a far more thoughtful lifestyle. It doesn't just take into consideration a finished building but the materials and processes that form it. For me, sustainable building is an art and it creates meaning as well as purpose in a public space. And of course it can accommodate all aspects of society music, art and science, ecotourism (in most cases all together) It becomes a universal application for everything, and a more and more vital part of our lives.

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cooking, artistic