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Looking for eco volunteer places possibilities to get to know the place and the facilitators. normaly you won't have to pay for accommodation or food during your work as a volunteer. To join as a volunteer just send us an email. or look here, start together fb page of ours.

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This is Astrid she is midwife. Are you looking for a (last minute) short stay or a place for a couple of weeks at a place in te South of Holland border of Germany with a permaculture garden small food forrest Please explain what is your...

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The idea is that someone or a group of people who have the possibility of hosting a lot of travellers at their home open their doors and make all that unused space become useful again with sleeping areas for weary nomads. It could be compared to hosting guests through regular hospitality exchange networks like bewelcomeorg / helpxnet but with the difference that the people who come stay there aren’t just tourists who plan on visiting the city for the weekend,

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Any help is welcome and much appreciated. You can work on almost everyhing you would like to improve, in dialogue with the host of this project. For your stay at our place we ask for a contribution of about 10-15 hours a week working with us. We work slowly, without any hurry. It would be very nice if you can stay at least one week, then there is still time to get to know each other.

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this is for 6 months and (only heat the place that is very importanted with wood ! What is a nomad base? A nomad base can be called many different things and generally they are all different from one to another. It is a place where travellers can call home for a non-fixed amount of time. Where there is no pressure to behave like a guest, but where you feel like it is your own place.

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but instead become part of the house for as long as they determine is right for them. Teach, Learn, Share A nomad base have communal living space, whose main purpose is to give long-term travellers the opportunity to have a place they can call home for free and without long-term obligations, where they come to (and leave) whenever and as often as they want.

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And of course you can also enjoy the beautiful area. want a place for longterm, please let me know, because that might be possible. This place has the potential to grow into a small eco-community, with lots of nice projects in the pipeline, such as making the community self-sufficient. I am also still looking for a housesitter this winter october 2015 - may 2016
(do you want to stay longer then 2-3 days and shorter then 2 weeks or less, during the spring, summer, autumn. we then ask to share the cost 3,50 euro a day minimum each person. OR by the Dana (gift)economy what you find it is worth :- ) It is a place where they are not guests, but community mates, no matter how long they stay. As a side effect of this, it furthermore accomplishes to connect long-term travellers amongst each others and creates a space where it is also easy for less-travelled people to meet and connect with each other. What I Can Share with Hosts Nomad base is a growing network of nomads and bases all over the world. other resources include: there are more places like this in Bulgaria, Lisboa (2016) Austria. Border of spain portugal (portalegre), South spain Tabernas ecovillage Countries I’ve Visited Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey Countries I’ve Lived In Austria, Netherlands