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A Little about Me

I am an Artist that decided to do more for earth than producing small objects for rich people but to generate and build clay wall houses, to protect people from the rain ,coldness or sun!

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My Build Projects

On this land I started the sixth opus of my experiences with clay, straw, and bamboos! This time it's a big crazy project really ambitious! And when the technic is not fossile energy based, what needs this experimental building is arms and...
Sixth opus of the series of the love-shacks! I want this one to be solar passive,. We'll start with foundation(dry stone wall) bamboo structure , cob work watitle and daub style and vegetal roof to finish!
After 4 prototypes of love-shacks, the 5th one is born and need you to help us to bring that pure wattle and Daub beauty into a piece of art! clay plasters, earthen floor, slip-straw insulation, Cob in structure and cob in sculpture, vegetal roof...
This is the fourth prototype of the Love-Shacks; but this one is special of course! large, wide and simple!
After two successful Love-shacks built as prototype, i want to build the third one which will synthetise the good ideas that came out while building the firsts. all made of cob, with bamboo structure, that round hut we are going to build will be...

Why I Build Sustainably

I like houses to be able to raise up, protect us nicely and disappear, becoming growable earth again.

Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

I want to share those projects with people that feel necessary to stop covering planet earth with concrete and help them to learn how to do it!

My Life Philosophy

My houses will be living sculptures

Building Styles I have Experience in

Rammed Earth
Stone/Flint walls

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Building Styles I'm Interested in

Rammed Earth
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
clay and straw technics

My Eating Habits

The Love shack project is about spreading all over the planet little houses for two, simple, cheap and beautiful so that people can stay there to make and live their love in a full contact with earth and elements!Should start in french Brittany in 2014 january. the shelter project is a place for mountain's trekkers that need to stay in the deep and wild nature for a night or more.Takes place in China(yunnan)until december 2013:looking for volunteers from Kunming and Dali!