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Music and culture are the ways we celebrate life, and I love to experience and learn from others just how they do that. I'm a nerd at heart and enjoy being around others that are quirky, but more importantly have a zest for life. At this moment I'm on a quest to learn and expand my mind with all things green building. Ideally I will have a career where I can help spread sustainable knowledge and practices to others.

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Why I Build Sustainably

I don't believe it is a part of the future, but is the future. There is only so long that we can continue to exploit people, land, and ecosystems before we come to a threshold. There IS a better way. I believe in people power and as more become involved with sustainable practices of building and living more innovation and solutions will come to light.

Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

I love cooking, painting or doing anything of creative nature, and natural building.

My Life Philosophy

I live with compassion, who has been with me since the beginning. We get along quite well and I hope she stays with me until the very end. If I can reflect on a life where I see that I've been kind and thoroughly enjoyed all that life has to offer, I will be content. One life, do awesome stuff!

Building Styles I have Experience in

Straw Bale
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
I spent 4 months recently building a straw bale home from start to finish with 8 other interns through the program Community Rebuilds. I am comfortably confident in my skills in plastering, cob, and earthen floor installation.

My Building Qualifications

I will soon be learning about PV design and installation.

What I Read, Watch, and Listen to

Movies: Man With a Movie Camera, Little Otik, Wild at Heart, Dead Man, Down by Law, Mystery Train, Stranger than Paradise. Music: MMJ, John Prine, Hazel Dickens, Joanna Newsome, Caroline Chocolate Drops, Elvis Costello, The Wood Brothers. I enjoy a wide range of music. Books: Mother Earth Spirituality. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, East of Eden, Anna Karenina, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Jitterbug Perfume.

Building Styles I'm Interested in

Rammed Earth
Earthship/used tires
Straw Bale
Adobe/Mud Bricks
Reclaimed Materials
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
Stone/Flint walls
rice hull insulation, cordwood, compressed earth blocks.
Different methods work best for different places and people. I want to be more knowledgable about which styles of building are best suited for specific situations.

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