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A Little about Me

I am passionate about ecological architecture and wish to spend some time developing this as my profession along with travelling to experience different cultures, lifestyles and building materials while I am free to do so! I hope in the near future to also be part of development aid work and offer up my skills in whatever way I can. I love the outdoors and like to be near the sea. I like to surf, do some yoga, lots of walking, some running and any adventure sport that I haven't tried before.

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Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

I am knowledgable in sustainable design methods and materials. I am open to developing lots of new skills, particularly anything which will help in becoming self-sufficient. I grew up on a farm and love working with plants and animals. I would like to learn another language. I have basic German.

My Life Philosophy

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Building Styles I have Experience in

Rammed Earth
Adobe/Mud Bricks
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
Concrete block, brick, timber, steel-frame
More academic than practical so far unfortunately. Have done mixing of cob and made a bench and a clay oven so I understand the concept. Also have done an experimental size wall of rammed earth using non-electric tools such as rammer. Also made some earth bricks and blocks. I've made experimental walls of straw and clay plastering and some hempcrete mixing.

My Occupation

Architectural Technologist

What I Read, Watch, and Listen to

Book: 'Transformational Thought' - Jason F. Mclennan; 'Everyone Matters' - Mary Robinson; 'Things Your Grandchildren Should Know' - Mark E. Everett Music: Bright Eyes Movie: 'Into The Wild'; 'The Imposter'

Building Styles I'm Interested in

Earthship/used tires
Straw Bale
Adobe/Mud Bricks
Reclaimed Materials
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
Using otherwise waste materials in buildings inside and out
Common sense

My Education

Masters in Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies for the Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales. Honours Degree in Architectural Technology from Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland. FETAC award in Green Building. (formal) Travelled, worked on stone ruins and met so many people who educated me in the past year more than the rest of my life! (informal)
Wheat free and minimal gluten! I love vegetarian food. I like roasting veggies. Not a big meat eater but will eat if its organic and/or local. I like fish also. I like to try local cuisine and will try almost anything once. I don't like MSG's or any additives and those funny ingredients that have chemical names. I can cook up amazing one-off veggie wonders if no-one is looking!