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A Little about Me

I love to live simply in the woods. Originally from the big city, I lived without power and water for many years in the rural NW US and pretty much perfected the art so I can be comfortable with a few essential basic items. Now I spend my time between the land in the pictures and running around earning FRNs. There is an ebook called The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living that lays out what my goals are and what i think is standing in the way as far as sane living on earth. And it reveals techniques of how a lot of us survived simply in the north country.

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Why I Build Sustainably

It makes sense from a lot of angles: personal empowerment, security, responsibility, well-being.

Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

Want to learn: cob building, straw bale building, alternative electricity, group dynamics. Constantly learning/perfecting digital communications. Want to teach: strategic eating, herbal medicines, radical simple living, self-publishing (both e-book and print), marketing.

My Life Philosophy

Golden rule. Listen to the inner voice. Honor people. Be hospitable. Give. Thank. Take chances. Seek and you will find. Ask and it will be given. There is only Love and fear. Look around and question - what thought created this? Therefore, how should we think? How should we live? Find out what you're here for. Act. Listen to people's stories.

Building Styles I have Experience in

Reclaimed Materials
Stone/Flint walls
Northwest backwoods shack, lol.
I self-built a simple and functional cabin for about $2,000 in '90 and lived in it happily for seven years.

My Building Qualifications

No qualifications. I learned from others by observing, asking questions, and building with them.

My Occupation

Business owner in the field of content creation, i.e. computer graphics, marketing, writing, photography.

What I Read, Watch, and Listen to

The Master Key, This Ugly Civilization, The Man Who Quit Money, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Behold a Pale Horse, to name a few.

Building Styles I'm Interested in

Rammed Earth
Earthship/used tires
Straw Bale
Adobe/Mud Bricks
Reclaimed Materials
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
Stone/Flint walls
Tule mat, tipi, yurt
We are on the brink of a global economic shift where western cultures will have about half the money to live on. At the same time, government safety net is unraveling. The only hope for dignified existence is for people to learn and perfect the arts of self-reliance and responsible resource management on a grassroots level in a cooperative manner. There is a political aspect to this, in that liberty must be regained to live simply without government interference. To help the mainstream open their minds, Example Camps of freedom and thrival need space to innovate and proliferate. Sustainable building is a crucial part of the mix.

My Education

School heaven: The Evergreen State College, where they gave me the space to delve into the testimonies of a wide range of political and cultural voices.

My Eating Habits

I pretty much follow Eat Right for Your Type diet. I was raised by mystics (Rosicrucians) and blend this with my own understanding of what Christ was doing here. I believe the meek will inherit the earth. We need freedom to experiment so we can learn the right choices. Radical simplicity is a means of personal empowerment and global solutions. I see a tsunami of big changes coming. I would very much like to gather with a group of people with similar attitudes and vision.