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A Little about Me

I enjoy an active lifstyle and like being outdoors. I'm working on finding a job to do long term by trying different professions out. I'm interested in trying green roofing and walling and hope POOSHING will help me get involved. Being from the city I would love to see more green walls installed for the benifit of the public. I love food and eating with people and have worked in kitchens for the past while. I take an interest in where food comes from and have worked on different Organic farms through WOOFING.

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Why I Build Sustainably

I like the environmental benifits sustainable building has on our surroundings.

Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

I would be happy to share any skills I have though I don't really have any significant building skills. I do have labouring experience helping build convervatories, decking, tree houses etc.

My Life Philosophy

I don't think I have a life philosophy yet! Maybe get one soon.

My Building Qualifications


My Occupation

Just finishing work as a night porter at a hotel in Nottingham, England.

What I Read, Watch, and Listen to

I enjoy reading fiction, listening to reggae music and enjoy films from various genres.
Green roofing/Walling
Home-made Furniture
I'm mainly interested in green roofing/walling because I don't think people in cities have enough green space and this building style is a good solution. I would like to learn how to build my own furniture.

My Education

9 GCSE's A-C. A levels in English Language, Mathematics and History. Mathematics BSc degree 2:2.

My Eating Habits

I love Caribbean food above all but enjoy most foods.