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My husband and I were inspired by the work of Dan Philips and Michael Reynolds and began researching and learning about: Earthships, natural homes, sustainable building, net-zero homes, tiny homes, homesteading, and permaculture. We have been inspired to change our lives through down-sizing our belongings in plans to down-size and simply our home and life when our youngest child goes off to college. We hope to buy land on the northern coast of Maine and create a small family compound/homestead, with a small earthen home, reclaimed tiny camper, and recycled tiny house for visiting family. We want our home to take care of us. We want less stuff and more time to pursue living a more meaningful life. We have just become foster-dog parents with a local rescue group in VT.

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Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

I would like to develop and use skills in home building and in repurposing recycled items.

My Life Philosophy

Never stop learning and growing. Be kind and thoughtful. Think forward. Retro, Recycle, and Repurpose. Must love dogs. Progressive. Liberal. Spirituality not religion. There is only one Earth. Love and life above money.

Building Styles I have Experience in

Reclaimed Materials
I have no prior building experience. My husband has experience building with reclaimed materials.

My Building Qualifications

None. My husband, however, has experience doing all of the electrical work in the 2 homes that we have remodeled as well as some of the plumbing and most of the building. My licensed electrician uncle tutored him in those basics, and my licensed plumber father tutored him in that trade.

My Occupation

Administrative: Library technician in a government institution for the study of PTSD.

What I Read, Watch, and Listen to

Gift from the Sea/Swell Season/It's a Wonderful Life

My Education

Studied early childhood education, secondary education, art, history, English and writing. Attended Lyndon State College for 2 years after high school. Earned a BA at Vermont College at age 37.

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