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A Little about Me

Hi! I'm Julianne. I guess I could describe myself as a bit of an nerd when it comes to 'sustainability.' I like to think of challenging ways to live more 'sustainably.' I am inspired by philanthropists, social movements, NGOs, community activists that promote a unique way to approach life. For example: Transition Town, permaculture, Slow Movement... I hope to build/design my own 'Tiny Home' one day for just me and my dog!

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Why I Build Sustainably

'Living' in one's home is 'intangible.' To gain a sense of comfort, belonging, a sense of place, building 'sustainably' can incorporate a 'holistic' relationship with the occupant, natural environment and physical building. By incorporating 'natural' materials with an acceptance of the local surroundings & climate, living in 'sustainable' homes are long-lasting, healthier and cosier.

Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

My final thesis/research project was on 'Passive Solar Design' (Designing/building using 'climatic' or 'natural techniques' such as using materials like timber and brick (thermal mass). I can help share my knowledge with this! I also have completed many subjects on 'Construction Technology/building' - timber framing so I have knowledge about the joints, timber construction etc. Other: I am confident with researching, reading/editing, writing. Note: I hope to develop my team-working/collaborating skills.

My Life Philosophy

I believe that I should a live a life showing morals and ethics towards all human beings, animals and the environment. My life can be summed up by these three keywords: 'Radical, Intangible & Flourish.' I want to live a life that is 'radical' (transforming yet use some old/past principles still applicable to today), 'intangible' (benefits, results, ideas, concepts that are not physical to the eye/sense of touch but are essential to us. For example: personal beliefs/attributes/values) and lastly 'flourish' (I would like our human actions to result in our growth and harmony in both our natural environment and our society/community).

My Occupation

Graduate of Interior Architecture (Honours) at Swinburne University.

What I Read, Watch, and Listen to

Books: I seem to always forget the book titles but any self-improvement or philosophical/environmental titles are good. Music: Indie/Alternative/Folk/Acoustic (Songs with guitar, raw voices are the best!). Movies: Apart from some mainstream movies, I'm a big fan of documentaries. Check out: 'The Simpler Way, Crisis as Opportunity.'

Building Styles I'm Interested in

Rammed Earth
Reclaimed Materials
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
I have heard about these building styles (mostly about rammed earth & local materials) during my Interior Architecture studies. Rammed earth has a thermal mass value and is advantageous for 'passive solar design' (storing heat for winter). I have learnt about local materials like local timber and bamboo when doing a research paper on 'design activism' in disadvantaged countries and 'vernacular design' in tropical countries. I advocate these building styles as they are 'local' to the communities' culture, values etc. They also are humble in aesthetic, durable and involve 'traditional craftsmenship' which convey a sense of community bonding (social sustainability).

My Education

Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours)

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