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I am a 21 year old 3rd year art student living and studying in Brighton, England. I work part time as a tree surgeon and gardener and have a keen interest in all things construction and Eco! I am currently taking on my own building projects making small eco outbuildings for friends and family but would like to gain some skills and experience on bigger projects.

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Why I Build Sustainably

I am alarmed by the speed at which our countryside is filling up with new build housing estates. These buildings are made from unsustainable materials in as short a time as possible with neither longevity nor aesthetics in mind. This is not a sustainable model. I believe in the near future, we will all have to engage more readily with a more sustainable form of living and construction where quality of materials and green ideas are realised.

Building Styles I have Experience in

Straw Bale
Reclaimed Materials
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
I have built small Eco-Lodges using basic wooden framing techniques. I also have some experience in straw bale construction.

My Occupation

Tree Surgeon, DIY odd jobs.

What I Read, Watch, and Listen to

Books - Robert Macfarlane Music - Anything Jazz Movies - Starwars!

Building Styles I'm Interested in

Rammed Earth
Earthship/used tires
Straw Bale
Adobe/Mud Bricks
Reclaimed Materials
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
Stone/Flint walls
I am interested to learn about how any and all building methods are used in construction.

My Education

Current University of Brighton Music and Visual Art student.

My Eating Habits

Mostly vegetarian but will eat anything.