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oh the lovley ol' game.. stuffing straw and stroking clay. we have this amazing roof up to add a greenhouse to the 'hillhouse' (greenroof outof ground) but towards south we want some bales, plaster, shingel not to overheat. caring for...
its an old farm that slowly gets revived into nowadays year round use. next spring we renew the lil houses roof and plan to insulate it with bales (like the year b4 the walls of the bigger house..)
After the MUD & MOA CREATION DAYS in August 2015 (photos on ) we'll mostly work on the strawbale insulation of the lil houses roof in 2016 (in summer we ll be out to visit Lauren's...

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I completed a college on renewable energies (coming from the electrotechnical side..), always helped my father building and now he helps me with the farm :) read a lot on sustainable building, also worked as a research assistent for the Centre of Appropriate Technology - especially with their Project Renewable Building. Now back to building myself besides working as a Social worker with immigrants in Vienna...

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