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My Name is Sara and I am originally from Denmark. I live and work as a natural builder in the UK. I specialise in everything from round wood timber framing, green roofing, straw bale and earth building, stone work and building conservation. I have apprenticed with many builders to learn this craft. I also hold a MSc in Architecture, advanced energy and sustainability studies.

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The camphill farm Oaklands Park in The Forest of Dean is in need of additional toilet facilities in the farm area. Planning permission has just been granted. The toilet is to be a tree bog compost complex made with the farms own chestnut. A bit...
A permaculture garden is having a small holder store build to store apples, jars and materials. The structure is a round wood timberframe. The frame is already up and the next step is roofing. This project is ideal for someone who would like to...

Why I Build Sustainably

Natural building is a fun way of creating a positive change.

Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

Land activism, growing, soil and woodland management, living off the land.

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I work as selfemployed

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