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Citizen of the world, doing what makes me happy.

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April Simmons's picture Sean is a wonderful human, one of the best, and like a brother to me. I love building with him-- mostly because we always have fun-- but also because Sean keeps things simple. If he is explaining something, he never makes it more complicated to make himself seem smart or experienced. He also plays...

My Build Projects

We are building a small cob cottage in beautiful Sintra, Portugal. Surrounded by trees, birds, bees, gardens and water. Located in a very unique microclimate less than 1 hour outside of Lisbon.

Skills I would like to Work on or Share.

I've been a Marine, a mechanic, a painter, a builder.... needless to say, I've worn a lot of hats. Love to cook, paint, play music, garden and practice permaculture principles.

My Life Philosophy

Go with the flow. Chop wood, carry water.

Building Styles I have Experience in

Earthship/used tires
Reclaimed Materials
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)

Building Styles I'm Interested in

Straw Bale
Adobe/Mud Bricks
Reclaimed Materials
Local Materials (ie Sustainable Wood)
Stone/Flint walls

My Education

Went to school to be a photographer for a little while. Have since given that up and focused my life on other stuff.

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